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Constitution and By-Laws
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The name of this body shall be the “Pennsylvania County Corrections Association.”



The purposes of this Association are to: secure a closer official and personal relationship among the managers of county corrections agencies and associated disciplines; work toward the improvement of the correctional system at the local level throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; provide continuing education and training for correctional managers in new and developing aspects of correctional management; develop and support proposals for legislative reform; and promote new and improved methods to rehabilitate offenders who are committed to local adult correctional custody.



Section 1 Active Membership - Active Membership shall consist of those who, at the time of their initial membership, are serving as a Pennsylvania County “Jail Manager”. The American Jail Association defines a Jail Manager as a person (sworn or civilian) who directs, administers, and/or is in charge of the operations of a jail facility, division, bureau, department, program, and/or shift; and/or a person (sworn or civilian) who supervises the work and performance of an employee or employees in a jail facility. Application for membership shall be made directly to the association secretary.

Active Members are authorized to hold any Office or committee positions of the association and vote on all association business not otherwise restricted. Active Members leaving their governmental occupation in the field of corrections, with the exception of retirement, will be dropped from the membership.

Section 2 Honorary Membership - Honorary membership shall consist of former Active Members of the association who have retired from their corrections-related occupation.
Honorary Members are authorized to serve on assigned committees and vote on all association business not otherwise restricted.

Section 3 Associate Membership - Associate membership shall consist of officials from a corrections related governmental agency; private corporation practitioners of correctional administration or community-based activities related to the work of adult corrections; or practitioners in any professional field who, by virtue of their support for local corrections, are recognized as “friends of the association”. A “sponsoring” active member must support associate membership applications. Applications for associate membership shall be submitted to the Secretary and will be reviewed by the Executive Committee for a determination of acceptance to membership.

An Associate Member is not eligible to hold any officer position and may not vote on any association business, but may serve on assigned committees.

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