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​Constitution and By-Laws



Section 1 There shall be a semi-annual (Spring and Fall) Meeting of the Association. All Association meetings will consist of a training portion as well as an Association Business meeting.

Section 2 Association meetings will be rotated, whenever possible, between Geographic regions as follows: East, Central, West, Central, East, Central, West, Central….

Section 3 Notice of the semi-Annual Association Meetings shall be mailed to all individual members at least thirty (30) days before the meeting.

Section 4 “Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern the conduct of all business meetings of this Association.

Section 5 The President or the presiding Officer shall be a Parliamentarian whose duty shall be to interpret any question of order.

Section 6 Each member, who speaks or offers a motion, shall rise in his/her place and respectfully address the presiding Officer, giving his/her name and the name of the county, which he/she represents.

Section 7 All motions or resolutions, if requested by the Secretary, shall be presented in writing.

Section 8 On all questions, a voice vote may be taken, but when one-fifth of the members present demand a yea and nay vote to be taken upon an issue, the Secretary shall call the roll and the vote of each member shall be entered on the minutes of the Association.

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PCCA By-Laws (PDF Download)