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Constitution and By-Laws

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Section 1 Election of all Executive Committee members shall be conducted by ballot.

Section 2 Ballots containing the list of candidates shall be forwarded to the Secretary by the Nominating Committee no later than forty-five (45) days prior to a vote deadline.

Section 3 Active members shall only be permitted to vote for the regional Executive Committee nominees from their own respective geographic region, as defined in Article IV.

Section 4 Election of Executive Committee members will be by secret ballot, distributed by the Secretary to every eligible Active Member and Honorary Member, whose membership dues have been paid within the prior 12 months. Ballots will be tabulated by the Nominating Committee at the Spring Meeting. The Nominating Committee will report the results to the membership before the end of the business meeting.

Section 5 Tie votes will be determined by a coin toss.



Section 1 The Association will have both temporary and standing committees. Committee chairpersons must be either Active or Honorary members of the Association.

Section 2 Temporary committees will be formed, and their membership selected by the President, to deal with transitory issues.

Section 3 The President, after consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint the Chairperson of each standing committee. The following shall constitute the Standing Committees:

(a) Program Committee: At least three members whose function it shall be to recommend to the Executive Committee the training and other educational activities for the benefit of Association members.
(b) Legislative Committee: At least three members whose function it shall be to make recommendations to the body for legislative action consistent with the mission of the Association.
(c) Financial Review Committee: At least three members whose function it shall be to review the financial records of the Association during each calendar year. As deemed necessary by the committee, but no less than every three years, the committee chairperson will enter into an agreement with an independent financial firm to perform an independent “agreement of procedures” pertaining to the association’s financial records. The agreement with the independent firm must be approved in advance by the Executive Committee and the final financial review documents will be made available to association members.
(d) Nominating Committee: At least five members, including the Second Vice-President whose function it will be to propose to the Association a slate of Officers for the Association as described in Article VIII.
(e) By-Laws Committee: At least five members whose function shall be to recommend changes to the By-Laws to the Executive Committee as described in Article XI.
(f) Exhibitor Committee: At least four members whose function it shall be to coordinate vendor’s exhibits at conferences, and make recommendations to the Association regarding the exhibition process as well as to seek and accept sponsors for meals/breaks, prepare a vendor booklet and letters of appreciation for event sponsors.
(g) Site Selection Committee: At least three members whose function will be to review possible sites for the meetings of the Association and recommend to the Executive Committee where meetings of the Association can be held.
(h) Membership Committee: At least three members, one from each region, whose function is to promote the association in an effort to increase membership.
(i) Sickness and Distress Committee: The three elected Regional Executive Committee members will serve as the conduit to bring forward information regarding a fellow member’s personal misfortune to the full Executive Committee to facilitate a mass communication to the membership and/or authorize an expenditure of association funds.


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