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Constitution and By-Laws


Section 1 The Executive Committee as herein constituted shall serve as the Board of Directors of the association, and as such, shall consider and report to the Association all proposed measures for the benefit of the individual members and general welfare of the Association.
Section 2 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the business of the Association between the Annual Meetings by attending Executive Committee meetings called by the Association President.
Section 3 The Executive Committee shall approve the expenditures of the Association but not beyond the amount of the finances to the credit of the Treasury. The Executive Committee shall approve guidelines for the expenditure of funds commensurate with the goals and purpose of the organization.
Section 4 The Executive Committee shall fill all vacancies on the Executive Committee for an unexpired term, with the exception of the Offices of President, First Vice-President, or Second Vice-President.

In the event of a vacancy in the President or First Vice-President office, the elected succeeding officer will ascend to fill the vacancy, expanding the length of their new term. The Second Vice-President office will remain vacant until the next scheduled election when the new First and Second Vice-President offices will be via election.
Section 5 The Executive Committee shall initiate legislation which is deemed desirable for the Association, in concert with the Legislative Committee.
Section 6 The Executive Committee shall plan a program for the Semi-Annual Meetings, in concert with the Program Committee.
Section 7 The Executive Committee shall consider Associate Membership applications and also consider the revocation of an individual’s Association membership, for just cause.
Section 8 All Executive Committee members shall deliver all monies, books, papers, and any other property of the Association in their custody to their successors in office.

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