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Constitution and By-Laws

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Section 1 There shall be an Executive Committee for the association, which shall consist of the immediate Past President, the Officers of the Association, and three Regional Executive Committee members of the Association, one from each Geographic zone of the Commonwealth as defined in Article IV of these By-Laws.

Section 2 The three Regional members of the Executive Committee must be Active Members, and they shall serve a term of three (3) years. One of the three Regional Executive Committee members shall be elected each year, on a rotating basis, and shall be installed at the annual spring meeting.

Section 3 An Executive Committee quorum is constituted by the presence of five (5) voting members of the Executive Committee.

Section 4 A member of the Executive Committee shall be reimbursed by the Association for expenses incurred when his/her presence is required for official business of the Association, in the event his/her respective agency does not assume the expenses.

Section 5 Executive Committee members shall not be personally liable for any action taken while acting as an Executive Committee member of this Association, with the exception of embezzlement or other form of financial fraud.

Section 6 Executive Committee members shall be indemnified by the Association to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Association shall indemnify its Executive Committee members against all expenses and liabilities incurred by or imposed on them in connection with any proceedings to which they have been or may be made parties, or any proceedings in which they may become involved by any reason of being or having been an Executive Committee member of the Association, even if no longer in the position that gave rise to the expense or liability.

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